Getting Started with Dynamic Infrastructure

Getting started with DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURE is an extremely quick and easy process.

DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURE utilises all existing data and reports, regardless of the format or age – including paper-based engineering drawings and plans, photos, paper-based inspection and condition reports, together with digitised data and images – to build a detailed ‘health record’ for each bridge asset.

You simply provide this data to DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURE, and we take care of the rest – scanning, converting an inputting the data into the system ready for analysis.

Provided to asset owners and managers on a SaaS (Software as a Service) model, the DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURE package delivers significant savings in terms of both time and cost. As well as simplifying and streamlining the tasks associated with bridge asset management and maintenance planning, the fact that it is provided as a fully-supported cloud-based SaaS system, means that it also eliminates any additional burden on in-house IT services, including the need for increased in processing capacity or specialist software professionals.

CONTACT US TODAY and find out how DYNAMIC INFRASTRUCTURE can help you save time and money by streamlining and simplifying your asset condition reporting and maintenance processes.

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